NPP Pilot Outline


The Platform is open to all Operators and Service Providers, enabling them to exchange the full range of parking information using APDS (ISO) standard interfaces.


Operators are able to:

  • Describe the parking they offer (including rates, times, restrictions etc)
  • Publicise occupancy in real time
  • Accept payments and reservations from Service Providers without the need for a contract with each one
  • Digitise compliance monitoring without the need for local digital infrastructure

Service Providers are able to:

  • Offer their customers the ability to park in any participating Operator's facility
  • Pay Operators for parking used by their Customers without the need for a contract with each one
  • Negotiate rates and access with Operators for their Customers
  • Reserve spaces in Operator's facilities
  • Develop value added services (e.g. guidance to space, frictionless parking) based on standard, available information.


The Pilot's mission is to implement a working prototype system allowing to explore the above using real actors and their data. The solution is based on a standard specification issued by the Alliance for Parking Data Standards (APDS). Details on the standard and the Alliance can be found here:


The Customer Journey

Customer Journey

Project Partners

The NPP Pilot started out as a joint project with Manchester City Council, DfT and Parking Matters. Over the time, numerous additional partners joined. You can find an overview here.


This site provides deeper insight into the details of the NPP pilot project.