Standard Location Codes

To date in the UK, cashless parking zone numbers have been allocated by providers when setting up contracts with operators. This has created the potential for duplicate numbers across zones in different parts of the UK.

The NPP is a good opportunity to create a co-ordinated approach to numbers that, whilst not requiring existing numbers to change, will ensure that numbers in multi-vendor areas are unique. Standard Location Codes will be allocated by a recognised neutral agent (the public body set up to run the National Parking Platform) to any parking Operator (public or private) that requests them, enabling any cashless parking zone to be uniquely identified.

Current Location Codes are primarily 4 or 5 digits, (although some providers have allocated numbers with 6 digits). Using a 6-digit range offers the best chance for preventing overlaps with existing codes. A 6-digit range is therefore proposed for the multi-vendor range with exclusions for number ranges already used by providers (these numbers will be included in the multi-vendor list where possible).

A six digit range from 100000 to 999999 will effectively provide a million numbers – which should be able to accommodate all existing and future UK-based solutions.

Allocation schedule

Whilst the allocation of numbers need not be systematic, dividing ranges geographically will enable the leading digit in each range to provide a broad area identifier where possible. However, an ‘out of area' leading digit will be used where a 6 digit range has already been used or where other factors require a specific leading digit

Figure 1 shows the proposed area allocations:

Reserved Ranges

The reserved ranges are designed to act as buffers and to accommodate existing 6 digit zone codes and may need to be adjusted as more codes are allocated. Reserved ranges will also allow flexibility if scheme allocations fill and require extension.

Send us your Location Codes!

We will add any location codes to our list and allocate a 6 digit equivalent when requested by any Operator or Service Provider. Where possible we will use the same or similar code by adding a prefix (e.g. where a current code is 54321 we may allocate 854321). Where a conflict exists with an existing 6 digit number we will notify the Operator or Service Provider concerned and issue a new number.

Request new Location Codes

Email us at if you would like to create new Standard Location Codes. Please provide us with the number of codes you need, the names of the parking areas and whether they are on or off street.

Download the latest Location Code List

This lists all 6 digit location codes notified to the NPP Pilot. It also lists locations that are currently 4 or 5 digit locations where the Operator or Service Provider has requested that we reserve a 6 digit number.

The latest code list is available here as an Excel file (note that this is a large file!)